Morgan Stefik

Morgan Stefik (P.h.D.)
Assistant Professor/Polymer,
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of South Carolina, Columbia 

Dr. Stefik is is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He received his doctorate from Cornell University in 2010. Dr. Stefik’s research interests are in the broad areas of nanostructured materials derived from self-assembly of block copolymers, functional nanocomposites for energy applications, and symmetry based properties of ordered inorganic nanostructures. Dr. Stefik’s research group, “The Stefik Group,” is currently developing new polymer derived nanomaterials and alternative energy devices. The Stefik Group is interested in bottom-up methods based on the self-assembly of polymers, nanoparticles, or mixtures thereof to form materials with nanoscale control; such high-surface area materials are critical for developing numerous energy applications such as fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, photovoltaics, and solar fuels. The focus on bottom-up methods makes discoveries easily deployable to industry for significant and real impact.

Tunable Nanomaterials by Templating from Kinetically-trapped Polymer Micelles
Rapid and Robust Porous Polymers Enabled by New Etch Chemistry
Tuning of Persistent Micelles
Apparatus for Detection of Molecule-Nanoparticle Interactions
Persistent Micelle Corona Chemistry
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