Apparatus for Detection of Molecule-Nanoparticle Interactions


Reference #: 01344

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for an Apparatus for Detection of Molecule-Nanoparticle Interactions



Nanoparticles have widespread applications, from sensing to drug delivery, where much behavior is determined by the nature of the surface and the resulting intermolecular interactions with the local environment. Ligand mixtures enable continuously tunable behavior where both the composition and morphology influence molecular interactions.


Nanoparticles have gained widespread interest for a wide array of applications such as chemical and biological sensing, drug delivery for nanomedicine, self-assembly, and removal of contaminants.


Invention Description:

An apparatus that detects the interaction of molecules with nanoparticles of diverse surface chemistries.


Potential Applications:

Characterization on difficult-to-predict molecule-nanoparticle interactions for novel ligand chemistries, particularly mixed ligand nanoparticles exhibiting different ligand morphologies.


Advantages and Benefits:

The ability to quantify nanoparticle-molecule interactions independently from more complex solvation requirements.


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