Rapid and Robust Porous Polymers Enabled by New Etch Chemistry


Reference #: 01215

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for self-assembling block copolymers to yield organized materials with small feature sizes.


Invention Description:

The subject invention is an aqueous etch chemistry that was developed for the improved production of porous polymers by the etching of a sacrificial polylactide block from self-assembled block copolymers.



Block copolymers self-assemble to yield organized materials with small feature sizes. The selective removal of one polymer block results in the production of polymers with ordered nanoscale porosity. The use of a sacrificial block such as polylactide has been widely used for the production of porous polymers.


Potential Applications:

Etch chemistry for the production of porous polymers.


Advantages and Benefits:

Unlike the known etch chemistries for polylactides which are slow and degrade the remaining porous polymer, this new etch chemistry is an order of magnitude (10-14x) faster and has greatly improved etch-selectivity, leaving behind pristine porous polymers.

Patent Information:
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