The value of microRNA-155 in breast cancer prognosis and treatment


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In the US in 2021, there were an estimated 281,550 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in women; 2,650 cases diagnosed in men. An estimated 44,130 breast cancer deaths (43,600 women and 530 men) occurred in 2021.

Invention Description:

A simple measurement of miR-155 content in a patient serum or plasma sample will predict the response of a breast cancer patient to immune therapies. Increasing miR-155 levels in breast tumors via various approaches such as cell therapy, exosome therapy, nanotechnology, and/or viral therapy will improve the effectiveness of immune therapies for breast cancer patients.

Potential Applications:

Most breast cancer patients do not benefit from current immune therapies, and there are no reliable biomarkers to predict a patient's responsiveness to immune therapies. Also, there are no effective ways to improve these patients' responses to immune therapies.

Advantages and Benefits:

The measurement of serum/plasma miR-155 levels is a simple and inexpensive way to assess the anti-tumor immune response of a breast cancer patient and to predict the patient's response to immune therapy.
Increasing intratumor miR-155 levels will significantly improve the efficacy of current immune therapies and make many more patients benefit from these therapies.

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