Water based hypotonic lysis method for Adeno Associated Virus purification


Reference #: 01595

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for a hypotonic-solution-based cell lysis method for Adeno Associated Virus purification


Adeno Associated Viral vectors have become popular candidates for gene therapy but suffer the drawback of requiring a time-consuming freeze-thaw (FT) lysis or chemical impurity-prone chemical-based cell lysis method for virus production that poses a challenge in keeping the production cost low.

Invention Description:

Our invention addresses these shortcomings where we developed a simple hypotonic (WH) cell lysis method for AAV production using the concept that a solute tends to move from a higher potential to a lower potential. The high-water potential of our lysis solution allows it to passively move into the cell.

Potential Applications:

Gene therapy products, viral vector-based delivery systems, personalized medicines

Advantages and Benefits:

The hypotonic cell lysis method of AAV purification could be used as a simple, fast, convenient, and economical method of producing a high-quality viral vector for various applications.


Nikki Biagas, Licensing & Compliance Manager- bianik@sc.edu

UofSC Technology Commercialization Office- technology@sc.edu


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Lacie Cottrill
Technology Associate
University of South Carolina
Sujit Pujhari
Ronald Smithwick
adeno associated virus
gene therapy
hypotonic solution
solute concentration
viral vectors
water potential
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