Methods and Integrated Structures of Heat Dissipation for Microwave Antennas


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With the significant growth in mobile traffic and number of wireless communication standards, 5G mobile networks are rapidly developed which are forecast to have a larger capacity than current 4G mobile networks, along with capabilities such as multifunction, ultra-high speed, and ultra-low latency. In addition, modern wireless communications, and radar systems, especially in case of MIMO system, are demanded miniatured in size, and they are required to operate at multiple-frequency bands to provide the enhanced and multifunctional performances. However, miniaturization poses crucial issues, related to the device’s topology, such as the parasitic couplings between circuit elements and localized heat dissipation.

Invention Description:

The proposed antenna heat dissipation technology in this invention is based on a new concept of dissipating heat from the antenna surface with an integrated heat sink, which is compatible with the current thermal dissipation technologies.

Potential Applications:

The invention relates generally to microwave antennas which may be used in wireless communications and medical applications. More particularly, the invention relates to devices and methods for reducing or maintaining temperatures of microwave antennas used in such applications. The proposed technology can find wide applications in multiple billion wireless communication and medical instrument market.

Advantages and Benefits:

This invention provides new method and integrated heat dissipation structures for microwave antennas, providing efficient thermal dissipation and optimum electromagnetic performance. In addition, new concept of thermal-aware and reconfigurable heat sink structure is proposed with the integrated switches (e.g., MEMS cantilever).

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Heat Dissipating Antenna Structures Utility United States 17/320,437 11,626,654 5/14/2021 4/11/2023 6/29/2041 Issued
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