Isomer-specific Neuroprotective Effect of Natural Resveratrol


Reference #: 01516

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Resveratrol (RSV) has been used in clinical trials against a multitude of human disease conditions, including COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Although some of these studies demonstrated positive outcomes at lower doses, unexpectedly, higher doses of RSV instead brought out detrimental outcomes, sparking controversy over the effectiveness of RSV in human health. Despite decades of research, the molecular basis of these controversial effects of RSV low dose beneficial effects versus high dose detrimental effects remained unknown.

Invention Description: 

For the first time, we identify that only the cis isomer of natural Resveratrol is neuroprotective and the trans isomer is neurotoxic.

Potential Applications:

The medical use of cis resveratrol would be a potential therapeutic against a multitude of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease and metabolic diseases including diabetes and obesity.

Advantages and Benefits:

This is first of its kind that prevents or protects against neurodegeneration. This can be very beneficial to treating patients with Alzheimer’s and COVID-19.

Patent Information:
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