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Teaching methods, tools and resources are the key to comprehensive understanding. However, most of the teaching/learning mode is textbook based that primarily delivers bookish knowledge and lacks the core fundamental understanding of the subject matter. Of late, illustrations, diagrams, flow charts and other interactive tools are being used to supplement textbook teaching/learning, but they have not been integrated fully to cater to the basic understanding of the scientific concepts.

Invention Description:

The present invention is an interactive educational device that helps in the conceptual understanding of the structure and function of a very important component of recombinant DNA technology.

Potential Applications:

This invention brings the structure of the component in the form of a physical entity that can be accessed widely due to its lightweight and portable nature. It simultaneously provides a conceptual, comprehensive, and clear understanding of the various structural and functional components of the versatile molecular biology tool.

Advantages and Benefits:

This product is different because it is an interactive educational device, a physical entity of a biological tool that is easy to use and understand, it is fairly inexpensive, light weight and ergonomically designed and can be used even by the visually impaired population.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Interactive Educational Aid Utility United States 17/586,937   1/28/2022     Filed
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Lacie Cottrill
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