Anti-CCL8 Antibodies for COVID-19 and Other Immune Related Conditions


Reference #: 01487

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for Anti-CCL8 Antibodies for COVID-19 and Other Immune Related Conditions


CCL8 (MCP-2) is a chemo attractive cytokine that is involved in the pathogenesis of various pathologies including cancer, autoimmune disorders, graft versus host disease and microbial infections. More recently it was also shown to be significantly stimulated during acute respiratory distress syndrome in severely ill COVID-19 patients.

Invention Description:

We have obtained experimental evidence that anti-CCL8 treatment inhibits cytokine production and alleviates lung inflammation. Thus, treatment of patients with severe ARDS during COVID-19 by anti-CCL8 antibodies may be beneficial.

Potential Applications:

This invention can help treat ARDS as a complication with mortality that exceeds 40% and develops during various pathologies including viral and bacterial infections (importantly at COVID-19) as well as at sepsis, acute pancreatitis, during transfusions, at graft versus host disease and others.

Advantages and Benefits: 

CCL8 is a novel target. The anti-CCL8 antibody is a chimeric mouse-human recombinant antibody.

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