Fabrication of Suramin-loaded Nanoparticle and its Application


Reference #: 01386


The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for the fabrication of suramin loaded nanoparticle and its application.



Most anti-cancer drugs damage normal cells as they kill cancer cells, causing patients to suffer from side effects like heart tissue and kidney damage.  It has been shown that suramin can protect the heart and kidneys from this damage.  However, the half-life of suramin in the body is very short.


Invention Description:

A method to fabricate a suramin containing nanoparticle.


Potential Applications:

With this nanogel, anti-cancer drugs can be encapsulated to enhance anti-cancer efficacy and minimize side effects.  Other applications include human sleeping sickness, onchocerciasis, and autism treatment.


Advantages and Benefits:

Suramin containing nanogel can effectively kill cancer cells, prevent cancer metastasis, and protect the heart and kidney from the damage of anti-cancer drugs.  Side effects will be minimized while the drug’s efficacy is enhanced.


Patent Information:
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