Sensor Energy Harvesting for Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Power Systems


Reference #: 00855

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for this technology used in harvesting energy in industrial situations.

Potential Applications:

Ready for immediate application, the sensor can be applied to industrial situations where there is a high concentration of electromagnetic activity (ie: power sub-stations, etc.).  The energy harvesting element can charge the battery of a wireless sensor and/or can provide the necessary voltage and current needed to operate a sensor. This invention has a wide spectrum of applications in power transmission and distribution systems.  The energy-harvesting element also has the potential to be used in recharging small power devices like cell phones, audio players, clocks, cameras, and many more devices.

Advantages and Benefits:

The energy harvesting element has many advantages:

-    Miniature in size

-    Very low cost to produce

-    Adaptable to different devices

-    Can be modified for different forms of current carriers

Invention Description:

The flexible construction of the energy harvester allows it to be wrapped around any power cable or bus bar.  Through electromagnetic induction, an electric current is transformed into a direct current which can be used to power different devices or sensors. Consequently, this construction is not dependent on an available power outlet, only that a current is being carried through a wire.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Non-Intrusive Cable Fault Detection and Methods Utility United States 13/177,331 9,103,864 7/6/2011 8/11/2015   Issued
For Information, Contact:
Technology Commercialization
University of South Carolina
Mohammod Ali
Rashed Bhuiyan
Roger Dougal
Md Nazmul Alam
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