InN Nanowire Based Multifunctional Sensors


Reference #: 00802

Invention Description:

This technology is an indium-nitrogen (InN) nanowire (NW) based multifunctional V-shaped nanocantilever (VNC) sensor for detection of analyte molecules in ambient conditions and investigation of electrical signal propagation in neurons. The special shape and geometry of the nanowires, which can be achieved inexpensively through barrier patterning, allows not only their use as cantilevers, but also transduces their deflection from change in resistance between the two arms. A VNC can both dramatically improve detection sensitivity and provide a ready means for signal transduction through contacts established at the two arms. The VNCs can be used to take highly sensitive measurements/detections of surface work function, electric potential, conductance, and surface stress changes.

Potential Applications:

The major applications are detecting toxic chemicals, explosives, and biomolecules. This VNC will be used in the fields of NEMS switches and InN nanowire based nanoelectronics, and in novel nanoscale probe development for monitoring electrical signals. Additionally, the VNC is expected to be used in the fields of defense, homeland security, environmental monitoring, medical diagnosis, drug discovery, scanning probe microscopy, and neuro-medicine.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Very small size, low power consumption, and high sensitivity

  • Easily integrated with emerging technologies, such as energy harvesting and radio frequency identification devices, giving rise to miniaturized next generation systems and components capable of working remotely over very long durations

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
InN Nanowire Based Multifunctional Sensors Utility United States 13/237,424 8,580,099 9/20/2011 11/12/2013 12/2/2031  
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