Mechanism and Methods for Robotic Installation of Stakes


Reference #: 01582

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Currently, as part of the bell pepper planting process, stakes are needed to provide support for the plant as it begins to grow from a two-three-week-old plant to a fully mature plant. This is a tedious and labor-heavy process.

Invention Description:

This invention is an autonomous all-terrain robot designed for architectural industries whose purpose is to install support stakes in the plant beds while being able to self-navigating in an agricultural field.

Potential Applications:

Agricultural companies that specialize in growing bell pepper, eggplants, and any other plants that have a weak stem and need support after a few weeks of growth are the potential clients for this product.

Advantages and Benefits:

The technology will lower the cost of labor involved in the bell pepper planting process. This robot will work 24/7, weather permitting, while providing an efficient and completely hands-free way to install stakes needed in the bell pepper planting process.

Patent Information:
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Technology Commercialization
University of South Carolina
Sourav Banerjee
Corey Leydig
artificial intelligence
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