Scalable two-phase cooling plates


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Two-phase cooling usually fails at relatively low heat loads due to the loss of liquid supply. For real applications, two-phase cooling technologies need to match the size of electronic components. However, the scalability of two-phase flow is very poor. Here we successfully addressed the scalability issue and make it feasible to cool large size electronic devices.

Invention Description:

The major novelty of this technology is that we greatly improved the fabrication process and devised a new structure to implement effective two-phase cooling solutions to larger areas, which is critical to realize effective two-phase cooling from chip level to component level, and even to system level.

Potential Applications:

Cold plates are adopted in electronic devices from commercial products to personal electronics. These applications include, but are not limited to, data centers, electric motors, batteries, power electronics, etc. The global market size is approximately $10 billion.

Advantages and Benefits:

This will be the first generation of two-phase cooling plates that are ready to be commercialized. Two-phase cooling technologies have been stuck by severe two-phase flow instabilities.

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