Building Teams for Request for Proposals


Reference #: 01530 

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Today, there is limited automation to alert University researchers about available opportunities. As a result, faculties must manually go to websites of funding agencies and keep track of RFPs that they may discover.

Invention Description:

The described computer system and a computer method recommends a list of teams of experts from various faculties and departments of the organization, like university, that would best fit the needs of the RFP and have a high chance of putting a successful proposal together.

Potential Applications:

A large proportion of funding for research in public universities comes from funding agencies. Hence, it is very important for researchers to be able to identify funding opportunities and make successful proposals. Moreover, many of the funding opportunities are multi-disciplinary requiring teams to be quickly assembled from a wide variety of backgrounds who can work together.

Advantages and Benefits:

The invention can generate teams that may match requirements of a RFP, estimate team budget, estimate success chances and logs success of historical teams. Technology has capability of Researcher-opt in and notification methods.

Patent Information:
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Technology Commercialization
University of South Carolina
Biplav Srivastava
Tarmo Koppel
Michael Huhns
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Optimal teams
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