Bilayer Ceramic Interconnect


Reference #: 01496

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Interconnect (IC) is a component connecting two adjacent cells in a solid oxide cell to build up voltage and power. LaCrO3-based ceramic ICs is commonly employed in tubular solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). However, it faces severe challenges in manufacturability, durability, and cost, primarily due to Cr volatilization issue.

Invention Description:

This patent disclosure describes a new bilayer ceramic interconnect for tubular solid oxide cells and bundles. The new bilayer interconnect offers better conductivity, gas tightness and lower cost in comparison to conventional LaCrO3-based counterparts.

Potential Applications:

This innovation offers a new interconnect material for tubular solid oxide cells.

Advantages and Benefits:

The bilayer ceramic interconnect has a higher electrical conductivity, easy to manufacture, stable over long period of operation and lower cost.

Patent Information:
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