Synthesize Effective Ensemble Based Dynamic Defenses to Adversarial Attacks


Reference #: 01490

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A lot of learning-based AI techniques are very prone to adversarial attacks. However, these attacks are detectable and there are algorithms that can defend against adversarial attacks. These existing defenses to attacks do not change at deployment time. It is possible to introduce “ensemble-based defenses”.

Invention Description:

The proposed invention is an ensemble-based defense for learning based AI. This method works by selecting a subset of weak defenses dynamically from a large array of choices. These defenses are adaptive to real-time attacks and are smaller without compromising performance.

Potential Applications:

All industries using Machine Learning can benefit from this technology, especially public technologies with need for protection such as healthcare, insurance, or self-driving cars.

Advantages and Benefits:

Smaller ensembles without compromising effectiveness of defense; uses less resources/ Ensembles that are adaptive to real-time attacks

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Biplav Srivastava
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