In-Contact Continuous Temperature Measurement Probe for Non-Insulated Electric-Current Carrying Conductor


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Reliable, Safe and Quick temperature measurement of/around the surface of electric current carrying lines/objects/heater is a significant aspect in heat transfer study and in household applications.  Currently, there are no probes that can measure in-contact temperature of the current flowing in a conductive pipe/rod without any insulation. This poses a high risk of electrical injuries in these jobs, and there is a gap in the market for a probe that can provide more safety for these temperature measurements.

Invention Description:

This invention will solve the problem of the unavailability of the probe for temperature measurement in an electrical current carrying conductor. This is a far safer measurement tool (since the material is an electrical insulator) and very affordable ($100-$500) compared with other kinds of tools found in the current market. The temperature probe will enable an accurate in-contact temperature measurement of the electrical conductor. The temperature probe would also act as a Non-Destructive Testing tool in determining the hot spots (weaker surfaces with higher temperatures) in the electrical conductors. The temperature probe that is designed is thermally conductive and an excellent electrical insulator hence can be used as an in-contact temperature measurement device for current carrying lines. The manufacturing process of the probe is extremely straightforward, hence doesn’t require any advanced tooling skills and can be fabricated in a laboratory setup in schools and universities to mass manufacturing plants.

Potential Applications:

This probe can be used for continuous measurement of the high resistive heater generally used in industry or in high-end research. It can also be used as a non-destructive testing tool to measure temperature in wires/boilers to detect hot spots and help in fixing the issue before any breakdown occurs. With this invention, in the near future, household wiring temperature measurements would be made possible.

Advantages and Benefits:

This invention would minimize the risk of the personnel working in the high-power density environment providing a safer temperature measurement tool. Since the probe is capable of continuous temperature measurements in any shape and size and thermal conductivity of the material is reasonably high, therefore the accuracy is within ±0.1 degree Celsius. This is a niche product that can be used for various applications and has a potential household use; hence this would be the first in the market and one-of-its-kind temperature measurement probe that can be used by students, electricians, or thermal engineers.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
In-Contact Continuous Temperature Measurement Probe for Non-Insulated Electric-Current Carrying Conductor Utility United States 17/083,606   10/29/2020     Notice of Allowance
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