Methods for Synthesizing Vanadium Oxide Nanobelts and Applications as Cathode Materials for Batteries


Reference #: 01420

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for a V3O8-layered structure as a cathode for zinc-ion batteries.


Battery-based energy storage technologies are critically important to existing grid stability and the increased use of renewable energy in the grid. The current state-of-the-art organic-based lithium-ion battery cannot be used for such large-scale application due to safety and cost concerns. Aqueous batteries have intrinsic safety, low cost and long life, and zinc-ion chemistry stands out to be the front runner. However, the performance of a zinc-ion aqueous battery is limited by the rate of Zinc-ion storage kinetics in its cathode. 

Invention Description:

A new dual-cation pre-inserted and hydrated V3O8-layered structure which exhibits excellent cycle life and rate capacity. This invention is an ultra-stable Zn-ion battery cathode. Through a combined theoretical and experimental approach, it was discovered that the unique structure in this cathode is energetically favorable for Zn2+diffusion and that the structural water situated between V3O8layers promotes a fast charge-transfer and bulk migration of Zn2+by enlarging gallery spacing and providing more Zn-ion storage sites. 

Potential Applications:

The new cathode solves the long-standing cathode issue associated with Zinc-ion batteries in cycle life and rate capacity.

Advantages and Benefits:

Rechargeable aqueous batteries with Zn2+as a working-ion are promising candidates for grid-scale energy storage because of their intrinsic safety, low-cost, and high energy-intensity. However, the practical application of Zn-ion batteries is still facing great challenges in identifying suitable cathode materials with excellent Zn2+-storage cyclability. This invention solves this long-standing cathode issue. 

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