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Nano-amended Cement Composites for Nuclear Waste Storage
Reference #: 01389 The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for nano-amended cement composites for nuclear waste storage. Background: Cement waste forms are typically used to store low-level nuclear waste, for which the primary isotope of interest is technetium (Tc). Several studies have demonstrated the rapid re-oxidation...
Published: 6/14/2023   |   Inventor(s): Fabio Matta, Mohammed Baalousha, Juan Caicedo, Joseph Flora, Shohana Iffat, Leydy Mejia Cruz, Mithun Sikder, Paul Ziehl, Mabel Cuellar-Azcarate, Ernest Wylie, Brian Powell, Steven Serkiz, Yuyu Xie
Keywords(s): Cement, nuclear waste, saltstone, technetium
Category(s): Engineering and Physical Sciences, Nanotechnology
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