Anindya Chanda

 Anindya Chanda, Ph.D.

 Arnold School of Public Health

 University of South Carolina


Dr. Chanda is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in USC’s Arnold School of Public Health. He is also Director of the Laboratory of Fungal Pathogenesis and Secondary Metabolism. Dr. Chanda obtained his doctorate from Michigan State University. He went on to complete two postdoctoral programs, the first at Michigan State University and the second at Harvard Medical School. The central goal of Dr. Chanda’s research is to understand the interactions of fungi and other microbes and their metabolite outputs in diverse ecosystems that are relevant to human health. Gut microbiome and its effect on gut inflammation and colon cancer is a current focus of his research team. Dr. Chanda’s team is interested in understanding the composition and functions of micro-biomes in different public health relevant ecosystems, and they aim to develop novel approaches and discover new products to eliminate fungal infestations in the environment.

Quantitative Acoustic Contrast Tomography for Studying Fungal Growth and Toxicity
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