Fanglin Chen

Fanglin (Frank) Chen, PhD.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of South Carolina

Dr. Chen is a Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Carolina. His research focus and interests include synthesis and characterization of materials for energy conversion and storage, materials composition, structure and property relationship, electro-ceramics and solid-state ionic devices, electrochemical performance evaluation, materials and designs for solid oxide fuel cells, solid oxide electrolysis cells, and separation membranes. Dr. Chen earned his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

A Novel Method to Fabricate High Performance Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Novel Mixed Ionic and Electronic Conductor Based on Sr2Fe2-xMoxO6 Double Perovskite
Enhanced Hydrogen Permeation in Nanocrystalline Proton Conducting Ceramics of the Form SrCeO3
Ni Modified Ceramic Anodes for Direct-Methane Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Novel Sulfur-Tolerant Anode Material for Direct Hydrocarbon Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
A Method to Synthesize Porous Hollow Metal Oxide using "Self-rising" Approach
A Novel Chemically Stable Ceramic-Metal Composite Membrane For Hydrogen Separation
Syngas Generator: Carbon Gasification Assisted Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell
Direct Synthesis Of Hydrocarbons From Co-Electrolysis In Micro Tubular Reactor
Graphene-Ceramic Composite for Hydrogen Separation Membranes
Electrochemical Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene using Solid Oxide Electrolyzer
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