Juan Caicedo

Dr. J. M. Caicedo
Dept. of Civil and Env. Engineering
University of South Carolina

Juan Caicedo (PhD) is an Associate Professor and Undergraduate Student Director in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and University of South Carolina. He also serves as the Chi Epsilon Adviser.

Dr. Caicedo’s area of specialization is in Structural Engineering with emphasis in Structural Dynamics. His research interests include both numerical and experimental research in the areas of structural dynamics, model updating, structural health monitoring, earthquake engineering and structural control. Dr. Caicedo is member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, George E. Brown Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation, the Society of Experimental Mechanics and the American Society of Engineering Educators.

Wireless Power Transfer to Embedded Sensors
Determination of the Remaining Life of a Structural System Based on Acoustic Emission Signals
Mobile Sensors for Infrastructure Monitoring
Nano-amended Cement Composites for Nuclear Waste Storage
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