Compact Reactor System Using High Density Nuclear Fuel


Reference #: 01591

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for Compact Reactor System Using High-Density Nuclear Fuel


Current micro-reactors require a fuel resupply tail that has proven so costly in numbers of casualties in conflicts over the past two decades or more.

Invention Description:

The small, safe, reliable, resilient, affordable, and highly mobile energy source will satisfy energy needs for military applications, emergency power, remote locations, and commercial microgrids. It is designed to eliminate the fuel resupply tail and is in the 100s of kilowatt range and scalable to higher powers capable of operating 10 years without refueling.

Potential Applications:

Military: Energy is costly. Supplies continuous power independent of a fuel resupply tail. Reduces fuel logistics casualties, vulnerability, and maintenance.  Enables new power capabilities (lethality) and powers defensive systems and “critical loads”.

Federal Non-Military/Commercial: Provides mobility and flexibility for end-use applications - FEMA, National Guard, Caribbean resorts, and data centers.

Remote Energy: Provides safe, reliable, resilient, and sustainable power at affordable costs. Operates in harsh environments, provides electricity and process heat, and runs without refueling for years.

Microgrids: Improves microgrid’s electric reliability, enhances resiliency, and recovery, and brings economic value to society.


Advantages and Benefits:

Unique Product Capabilities / Critical Success Factors

  • Mobile Platform Level Power for local and remote critical loads, “permissive” military applications, disaster relief, and potential combat applications
  • Compact core design
  • Unique fuel designed for mobility, safety, and security
  • Startup and remobilization within hours
  • Eventual vertically integrated supply chain
Patent Information:
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University of South Carolina
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