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Existing bottles use either screw-on/off caps or snap-on/off caps. A significant portion of the population has difficulty with or experiences frustration with these caps on a daily basis.

Invention Description:

The Nestable Bottle and Nestable Top makes removing and replacing the cap of a bottle much easier. This invention can be used by anyone with physical limitations, especially the elderly who might have arthritis, muscle coordination, strength, or other issues, has trouble unscrewing or snapping off a bottle cap. This is a critical problem for medicinal bottles where it is imperative for the person to have easy access to daily medicine.

Potential Applications:

While intended for use in the medicinal pill bottle industry, “Nestable” bottles and jars of general utility could be developed (e.g. jars to hold screws, nails, or other commonly used items, etc. The Nestable Top, designed to work with existing pill bottles, could be manufactured and sold to the existing market of approximately 50 million elderly or infirmed in the United States.

Advantages and Benefits:

This invention allows people with disabilities easier access to bottles, especially medicinal bottles which improves their autonomy in their daily lives, decreasing costs for live in nurses and convincing family members who would need to do these actions for the disabled.

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