Foldable Parcel Box with Doorknob Attachment


Reference #: 01500

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Parcels damage is a very big issue in the logistics industry. Providing companies with a more effective way to protect packages enroute can decrease shipping costs, increase QA, and provide better customer satisfaction.

Invention Description:

A parcel box that protects packages without needing to be bolted down or screwed in. Keeps packages safe from theft and weather damage. Many drop boxes/ parcel boxes require the user to bolt the box to a surface. My device would allow people to keep their packages safe without damaging property. This would be especially useful for people living on rental property.

Potential Applications:

This box can be removed from the door so that it is not an obstruction or eyesore. The wheels make it easier to bring heavy or cumbersome packages into the residence. The box collapses so it will not take up much space once inside the house.

Advantages and Benefits:

This is the only parcel drop box that not only protects packages from theft and environmental damage, but also can be easily removed from the door without damaging it, rolls for easy transport into the residence, and folds flat for storage.

Patent Information:
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