Means of Facial and/or Ocular Infection Avoidance


Reference #: 01123

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for facial prophylactic devices that protect examinees from infection in the eyes or face resulting from contact transference of infectious agents to patients during eye examinations.

Invention Description:

The subject invention enables the reduction or elimination of the ransference of contamination related infections from select touch points, including but not limited to the face, the eyes and the hands of an examinee during an eye examination, in a manner that is efficient, effective and economical.

Potential Applications:

ยท Ensures a contamination-free barrier at the point of contact during the eye examinations and other examination settings, ocular or otherwise

Advantages and Benefits:

1.    Offers proactive protection as opposed to manual, error prone use of wipes or sprays

2.    Assists in impeding the spread of bacteria and viruses through contact transference


Applied devices provide a sanitary physical and/or antimicrobial (or other chemical) protection from infection.  These devices may also be designed to include other elements or components that modify and improve the functionality of the device. It may also be used for other examination types, environments and associated examination equipment, such as head, facial and body exams such as those performed in audiology, otolaryngology, dental, and the like.

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