Ultrasound Loop Control


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The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for this novel method of teaching the clinical assessment of ultrasounds.

Invention Description:

This invention is a method described to enable students of clinical ultrasound to learn the various phases of movement cycles, such as cardiac systole and diastole, and the measurement skill through interactive learning on a computer-based platform. This method stops an ultrasound moving image loop to allow the viewer to adjust the loop frame backward or forward to select a specific frame. For example, this would be helpful for the identification of a specific organ part and/or to take a measurement of a specific organ seen in the ultrasound.

The viewer can then submit that part in the cycle to be evaluated by the teaching module as the correct point. Feedback is given immediately to the viewer by the module, to let them know if they have answered correctly or not for interactive learning or self-assessment. In a similar manner, the submitted answer can also be graded for course testing or certification.

Advantages and Benefits:

•    This method enables learners to practice needed clinical skills in ultrasound on their own, taking as much time as needed.

•    Teaching the measurement of a structure during an appropriate point in a cycle can be difficult. This technology enables learners to acquire structure identification, movement cycle phases, and measurement skills through interactive, computer-based learning.

•    At this time, there does not exist an interactive learning and testing format to assess ultrasound skills and understanding of procedures with real images and control of these images in a standardized testing format.


When using ultrasound for clinical assessment, it is often necessary to accurately measure a structure at the appropriate point in a phase of a movement, such as the cardiac cycle or during pulsations of a vessel. An example is the accurate measurement of heart wall thickness as a means to assess ventricular hypertrophy in patients with a history of hypertension. The teaching of this skill to healthcare learners is difficult.


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Ultrasound Loop Control Utility United States 14/496,025 9/25/2014     Published
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