Preparation of Nanogel Cocktail and its Application


Reference #:  00975

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for an intracellular self-expanding drug delivery system, nano-cocktail (NC), which advances options for cancer treatment.


Anticancer drug combination has been extensively explored in clinical for the treatment of various types of cancer. Due to the heterogeneity of tumor, cancer cells exist at different cell cycles. Delivery of multiple therapeutic agents using a single carrier system can suppress the cancer growth since the drugs can have specific activity based on cancer cell growth cycle. Synergistic effect of drugs with different anticancer mechanisms, drug cocktail, should exhibit superior response and patient survival rate than single agents. Whereas, the translation of this theoretical advantage to patient benefits is hindered by their associated side effects: (i) the potent toxic drug combination can damage normal cells while it kills cancer cells, (ii) the potential drug-drug interaction can deteriorate patient health condition, and (iii) the consequence of side effect results in poor patient compliance.

Invention Description:

The invention is an intracellular self-expanding drug delivery system, nano-cocktail (NC), which is able to deliver therapeutics specifically to tumor tissue while minimizing the drug release during circulation. The NC nanogel is responsive to both pH and redox potential. The NC nanogel expands its size and releases the payload intracellularly. A recent experiment using the NC nanogel showed synergistic effect in killing cancer cells, and exhibited higher anticancer efficiency than its free drug counterpart. Furthermore, the delivery system itself is non-toxic.

Advantages and Benefits:

•    Easy control of drug release

•    Facilitates intracellular drug release

•    Tumor specific targeting

•    Shows much stronger synergistic effect in killing cancer cells than its free drug counterpart

•    Minimizes side effects

Potential Applications:

•    Cancer therapy

•    Drug delivery

•    Protein therapy

•    Peptide delivery


Patent Information:
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Preparation of Nanogel Cocktail and its application Utility United States 13/929,981 9,149,535 6/28/2013 10/6/2015    
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