Tetrary Gene Delivery System for Gene Therapy and Methods of Its Use


Reference #:  00910

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for a non-viral gene delivery system (PoSH). The PoSH system is compatible with serum, is non-toxic to cells and has higher transfection efficiency than the currently available transfection agent.

Invention Description:

The invention is a non-viral gene delivery system (PoSH). Unlike conventional non-viral vectors, this PoSH system is compatible with serum.  In tests, it demonstrated high transfection efficiency at 50% serum condition and low toxicity to cells.  Therefore, it is promising for in vivo gene therapy and creating animal disease models.

Potential Applications:

The PoSH system can be used in gene delivery, DNA delivery, and SiRNA delivery. It has applications for cancer gene therapy and Alzheimer’s disease gene therapy. It can be used as research tool and for animal model construction.

Advantages and Benefits:

•       Compatible with serum

•       Appropriate for in vivo applications

•       High transfection efficiency

•       Low toxicity to cells


Problem Solved:

Gene delivery is a promising tool for treating genetic diseases and constructing animal models.  Due to the growing concerns about the safety of using viral vectors, non-viral vectors have been proposed as an alternative.  However, conventional non-viral vectors are not compatible with serum, which hampers their use in in vivo applications.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Tetrary Gene Delivery System for Gene Therapy and Methods of Its Use Utility United States 13/477,701 9,168,230 5/22/2012 10/27/2015    
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