Method for Treating Osteoarthritis and Enhancing Wound Healing, Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Research

Reference #:  00530

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Invention Description:

The subject invention provides a method of regenerating new tissue by introducing certain metabolites into contact with damaged or degenerative tissue. Such interaction between the existing tissue and the metabolites allows for rapid production of new tissue cells. The metabolites can be taken orally and stored at the local affected site. When degeneration of the specific cartilage tissue occurs, the metabolites are activated and released to encourage new growth. It also allows for reduced healing time.

Potential Applications:

Osteoarthritis treatment; internal wound healing after surgery (e.g. laser eye surgery); cancer treatment; stem cell research

Advantages and Benefits:

One main advantage of this invention is that the metabolite can be added to food or drink and orally introduced in the body, rather than through invasive surgery. The metabolites could potentially be administered through eye drops to expedite healing and mitigate the potential side effects of traditional, non-site specific therapies currently used in laser eye surgery. It also has the potential to inhibit cancer cell growth by effectively starving cancerous cells of their nutrients without the introduction of toxic chemicals into the body.


The introduction of the metabolites into various stages in cell growth in different growth mediums have shown to be effective in stimulating new cell generation.


Patent Information:
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Method for Stimulating Proteoglycan Synthesis in Cells PCT United States PCT/US2007/007725 3/28/2007      
Method for Stimulating Proteoglycan Synthesis in Cells Nationalized PCT United States 12/224,055 8/15/2008      
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