Jochen Lauterbach

Jochen Lauterbach, Ph.D.
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of South Carolina

Dr. Lauterbach is the CoEE Endowed Chair in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of South and the Director of the South Carolina Center of Economic Excellence in Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity (SAGE).  His primary research interests are in the area of heterogeneous catalysis and nanoparticle synthesis, as applied to environmental processes and hydrogen generation for fuel cells. Dr. Lauterbach received his degree from the Free University of Berlin.

A Single-Pot Method for the Synthesis of Mono-Disperse Core-Shell Nanoparticles
Self-Healing Catalysts for Oxidative Environments
Cracking of Platform Chemicals to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Catalyst Technology for One-Step Upgrading of Biomass-Derived Chemicals
Flexible Fuel Converter: Transportation Fuels to LPG
Structurally Tunable Highly Active Metal Oxides for Tri-Reforming of Methane
Highly Active Decomposition Catalyst for Low Carbon Hydrocarbon Production from Sulfur Containing Fuel
Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst
Steel Mesh Based Catalyst With Superior Mechanical Stability / Magnetic Separability
Structurally Tunable Highly Stable PtNiCeSi Based Catalysts Methane Reforming
ReOx-Pd/CeO2 Catalyst for the Hydrodeoxygenation of Xylitol
Thermoplastic composite utilizing torrefied biomass
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